• Basic Restore

    A Basic Restore reloads all the Windows operating system files and leaves all personal files, programs and settings intact. By reloading the Windows operating system, a Basic Restore can fix many Windows related problems.

    To perform a Basic Restore, follow these steps:

    1. Tap the F4 Key at the Samsung logo when you first power on the computer. This method would be used if the computer powers on, but Windows does not load.
    2. Click Agree to accept the Licensing Agreement. Samsung Recovery Solution 4 loads. If you close the Licensing Agreement dialog Samsung Recovery Solution 4 will close without making any changes. 

    3. Once Samsung Recovery Solution 4 loads, click Restore. The Restore dialog appears. 

    4. Click Basic Restore. The Restore > Basic Restore dialog appears.

    5. On the Restore > Basic Restore dialog click Next. 

      Important: Make sure to have power connected to the PC. If power is lost during a restore, you need to start the process again from the beginning.

    6. Samsung Recovery Solution 4 prompts you to restart the computer to continue. Click OK to restart the computer. 

    7. The computer restarts, and presents the Samsung Recovery Solution 4 Licensing Agreement, click Agree to continue.
    8. A progress bar appears showing the current transfer speed, the amount of data copied, elapsed time and estimated total time to completion. 

    9. After the Basic Restore is complete, Samsung Recovery Solution 4 prompts you to restart your computer. Click Yes to restart. 

    10. After you restart your computer, the restore process is complete.